Music fulfills dreams


Music and Language classes
Thoery & Composition       (classical/Jazz)
Chinese                              (listening,speaking,reading,writing)

Music Lessons 
Piano         (Classical /Jazz /Blues)
Vocal         (Pop, Classical, and Jazz)
Cello          (Classical /Jazz)
Guzheng    (Traditional Chinese Instrument) 

Arts Lessons

Monthly Rate (4 lessons per month)
Experience one–on–one instruction of private lessons for a variety of instruments. Traditional private lessons meet once a week focus on individualized attention. The tuition processed on the first lesson of each month. 
Instructor Rate                                                                             Master Rate   
$25 per 30 minutes lesson                                                    $30 per 30 minutes lesson 
$35 per 45 minutes lesson                                                    $45 per 45 minutes lesson 
$50 per 60 minutes lesson                                                    $60 per 60 minutes lesson

Per Lesson Rate
If you have ever struggled with scheduling lessons around your work or life schedule, or if you only need a few lessons for an audition or special performance, we make it possible for you to receive the instruction you need. Lessons are by appointment and are scheduled based on availability. 
Payment must be received prior to scheduling your lesson. Further, because of the variability of these classes, there are no refunds. Please provide 24–hour notice of any cancellation of non–traditional private lessons by contacting the JF office.
Instructor Rate                                 Master Rate 
$30 / 30 minutes                              $35/ 30 minutes
$50 / 45 minutes                              $55 / 45 minutes
$60 / 60 minutes                              $75/ 60 minutes


Arts Lessons
$25 / 50 minutes lesson

Discount Policy
  • Free Trial Lesson
  • Sibling/family discount, get 10% off on the second member of the family who enrolling lesson/class at JFIMA.                       
  • The Lincoln Chinese Cultural Association (LCCA) member get 10% off who enrolling lesson/class at JFIMA.


  • Payment includes all schedules lessons, regardless of attendance, and no lessons will be made up for any reason.
  • Each studnet is allowed one make-up lesson per term for sudden extreme weather conditions or for illness with 24-hours notice. 
  • No deductions or make-up will be given for lessons missed by the student. To accommodate conflicts, student may email jffmusicacademy@gmail.com in two days advance to exchange the lesson time. 
  • When a student cancels a make-up lesson, the lesson is forfeited. 
  • Lesson missed due to weather will be made up by scheduling an additional performance party during the term.